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When it comes to delivery, the e-bike optimises journeys by reducing journey times. It's economical to use, efficient and helps to reduce delivery costs. It also helps to limit environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions and reinforces a company's eco-responsible image, while improving customer satisfaction by offering environmentally-friendly deliveries.

He does not shy away from the task

The CITY ONE from B2ebike has been designed to accommodate a certain number of accessories for transporting loads and is revealed as a real delivery bike.

Livraison vélo 2.png

Un vélo qui s'adapte

Fitted with a specially designed body support that can be adapted to all types of container. Its design and one-piece frame make it exceptionally manoeuvrable for a bike that can carry loads of up to 30kg.

Easy to ride, it's suitable for both men and women, and is an effective replacement for the noisier, more polluting scooter.

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