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Today there are many schemes to encourage the purchase and hire of an ECV. The government offers several types of subsidy or benefit for companies that provide bicycles for their employees. 25% of the sums invested (bikes, terminals, insurance, accessories, infrastructure and training) are directly deductible from corporation tax.

Operational leasing is an ideal, progressive solution for businesses. Long-term leasing is becoming increasingly popular with businesses. Our no-installment, unlimited mileage solution gives you access to an innovative, high-quality product for a reasonable monthly rental charge. The 36-month term is a good compromise between attractive rental rates and access to the latest equipment technology. In fact, beyond this period, the formula can be extended with new equipment incorporating the latest technology.


For the servicing and maintenance of its products, B2eBike has selected local, professional partners who will intervene on site or in the workshop in the event of a problem.Maintenance InterventionsPreventive: As part of a maintenance contract, B2eBike intervenes on a regular, scheduled basis to service the bikes (brake adjustment, tightening and inflation checks, etc.)Curative: For standard repairs (punctures, wearing parts, mechanical breakdowns, etc.), our partners will intervene on site or in the workshop on request.

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Theft + damage
+ assistance.
If your bike is stolen, we will replace it as soon as we receive your police report and within a minimum of 10 days. If your bike is found within this period, it will be repaired and returned to you. If your bike is damaged as a result of vandalism, we will repair it as soon as we have received the police report.

Assistance services are provided if the bicycle has been stolen or is immobilised following an accident or puncture. In this case, assistance covers your repatriation and that of the bicycle to your home or to the nearest repairer.

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