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The environmental policy corresponds to an important part of B2eBike's sustainable development strategy and constitutes the DNA of the company. Our mission is to design sustainable mobility solutions around electric bicycles and is based on a deep desire to change travel habits and contribute to the fight against climate change and the reduction of CO2 emissions.


Encouraging short circuits and recycling

In addition to the traditional channels for recycling the materials we use, we are exploring the possibilities offered by associations/solidarity projects aimed at supporting young people, people in difficulty and social inclusion. Through the active and sustainable mobility cluster, we have access to recycling and reconditioning channels and players, and there are many solutions in this area.

Produit recyclable
Recyclage agrée par l'état
organisme de recyclage
Économie de CO2

Reducing our carbon footprint and that of our customers

We offer our customers solutions that encourage changes in the travel behaviour of their employees and residents. By providing self-service e-bikes, we offer users a sustainable transport alternative for local journeys.

With the aim of remaining consistent with what we offer, we are acting to :

Select local suppliers,


Bringing our production sites closer together,


Taking environmental criteria into account

in the choice of recycled/recyclable materials

and in the end-of-life management of products,


Integrate recycling partners and channels,


Promoting cooperation, integration and inclusion.


Turning to industry

Our collaboration with the SAB group (specialists in the

foundry for 50 years) has enabled us to produce the first

the first one-piece cast aluminium frame without welding.

This means we can guarantee production close to our

our assembly unit. This technology has enabled us to create a robust bike with a unique design that incorporates safety and connectivity.

It's a customisable bike that can be fitted with a range of accessories to suit your needs.

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