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OOWI offers companies solutions to encourage employees to change their travel habits by installing stand-alone shared electric bicycle stations. These all-inclusive solutions include the equipment (bike, terminal), services (installation, maintenance, insurance, financing) and digital support (employee application and management back office). Offer your employees a private bikeshare solution at a low cost. An ideal solution for building or improving your Mobility Plan!

Private sharing for businesses
and property developers

HR, CSR and environmental policies are leading companies to implement concrete and measurable actions to reduce their carbon footprint, enhance their attractiveness, responsibility and quality of life at work.

Mobility is at the centre of discussions because it is a subject that concerns all stakeholders and has an immediate and significant impact.

Knowing that 2/3 of home-to-work journeys are still made alone and by car, and that half of them are less than 8 km long, self-service bicycles are a simple, economical solution that is accessible to everyone, helping to change travel behaviour.

What's more, it has been proven that physical activity in the workplace is good for health, morale and individual and collective performance.

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and real estate developers

Property developers are building new residential developments that offer a host of features such as shared gardens, terraces and services to create a "great place to live". Self-service bicycles are now part of the mix, providing a sustainable footprint, an easy way to consume locally and leave cars in the garage...    


Take advantage of your city’s OOWI infrastructure

To enable your employees, customers or visitors to use the city's service and benefit from a station close to home, choose the shared private fleet.

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Shared bikes in your colours with a recharging station on your premises

Would you like to involve your staff in an eco-responsible approach? With private bike-sharing, you have your own bikes and their docking stations at your disposal for use by your staff. 

After an audit of your needs, we'll size your fleet and take care of installing and training potential users. If your company is located in an area already covered by the OOWI service, your employees can use the existing OOWI facilities in the town to secure their bikes outside the company premises.

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