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Theft and charging of e-bikes are issues to consider. Today it is important to offer efficient and easy-to-implement systems. B2ebike has designed the "Sécur'inbox" an on-board box which ensures charging and securing your bicycle fleets without civil engineering. The OOWI application developed by us allows a fluid and intuitive user experience. The back office, a real service monitoring dashboard, optimizes fleet management and facilitates deployment.

SECUR'INBOX boitier.jpg

The best way to secure your fleet

Designed and developed by B2ebike, the SECUR'INBOX provides enhanced security and recharging of your fleet of electric bikes. Modular, it adapts according to individual needs and does not require any civil engineering. Its careful design and modularity ensure easy integration whether you are a company or a community.

A technology
100% owner

SECUR'INBOX®: A 100% proprietary technology.

Ideal for cities and businesses, it allows you to autonomously manage a fleet of electric bicycles by solving the logistical aspects: recharging the batteries, securing the bicycles, monitoring flows, etc.

A PLUG&PLAY system suitable for many sectors.

Public, private, tourism, real estate, last mile deliveries, industrial sites, universities, campuses, business parks, etc.

Material: Steel/Stainless steel

Finish: Epoxy painted structure, anti-shock tray

Securing: By reinforced steel bolt ø 22mm

Connectivity: Trakap GPS tracker

Power supply: 3.3 V buffer battery (2 months battery life)

Operating temp. range : -20°/+60° – stock. -30/+80

Waterproofing: IP66

Charging current: 2A continuous

Operation: Mobile application

Frequency: Bluetooth2.4G

Safety CE standards: EN 55032:2015 -EN 55024:2010+A1:2015


Savoir s'adapter

B2ebike is thinking of other manufacturers and developing its system to adapt it to all types of bicycles or other 2-wheelers likely to be used in self-service. The SECUR'INBOX combined with the CITY DOCK charging point can be used to secure and recharge a large number of vehicles. 

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