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To meet the needs of the market, we have designed the ‘Sécur'inbox’, an on-board unit that recharges, secures and manages your bicycle fleets. Easy to install, autonomous in management and use, and requiring no civil engineering, our stations and bicycles equipped with the system are equally suited to small and large towns and companies. We operate our system in around ten French cities under the OOWI brand, and on a white label basis in Portugal and Réunion, making it a unique and ideal solution for those wishing to set up a fleet of shared electric bikes. With geolocated bikes, tamper-proof locks and modular terminals, everything is designed to ensure the safety of the bike and its user.

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Collective sharing

Most of the world's major cities have introduced self-service bicycle hire schemes. But many small and medium-sized towns also have this need, and few solutions are available, mainly for reasons of volume and budget... We have designed and built a tailored solution operating under the oowi brand or as a white label and based on :

- Innovative, connected electric bike

- Simple, intuitive application and software

- Quick and easy to install

- Adaptable system

- Low-maintenance equipment

- Cost-effective solution for cities

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Entrée borne City One 1 N&B.jpg

For cities from
of 10,000 inhabitants

Our solution has been designed and developed to enable medium-sized towns to benefit from an e-bike service in the same way as major cities. Aware of the lack of offers from the major operators in these areas 

The benefits

B2eBike has designed an easy-to-implement solution with smart, high-performance, easy-to-use connected bikes.

An intuitive application

Bollards that are quick and easy to install

No civil engineering

Enhanced security

Reduced maintenance

Bikes that are easy to handle

Low cost

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